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Tax Rates & Exemptions

HCAD Tax Rates – M&O & I&SHCAD Exemption AmountsHCAD Tax Rates with Special Inventory Rate
2022 Tax Rates2022 Exemptions2022 Tax Rates
2021 Tax Rates2021 Exemptions2021 Tax Rates
2020 Tax Rates2020 Exemptions2020 Tax Rates
2019 Tax Rates2019 Exemptions2019 Tax Rates
2018 Tax Rates2018 Exemptions2018 Tax Rates
2017 Tax Rates2017 Exemptions2017 Tax Rates
2016 Tax Rates2016 Exemptions2016 Tax Rates
2015 Tax Rates2015 Exemptions2015 Tax Rates
2014 Tax Rates2014 Exemptions2014 Tax Rates
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Taxing Entity202120202019201820172016
SBH – Boles ISD1.2103001.3359001.4412901.5429401.5429401.542940
SBL – Bland ISD1.1120001.1527001.3100001.3640001.4271001.488000
CCA – City of Campbell0.2493920.2811280.3045640.3196330.1636530.167411
SCA – Campbell ISD0.8720000.8878000.9700001.0400001.0400001.040000
CCL – City of Celeste0.5710000.5769620.6359560.6858150.7389440.711670
SCL – Celeste ISD1.2209001.2236001.3289501.4306001.4606001.490060
CCM – City of Caddo Mills0.5464220.5760000.6570000.6936930.7300000.750000
SCM – Caddo Mills ISD1.4603001.2566001.3533501.4550001.4550001.455000
CCO – City of Commerce0.8200000.8200000.8200000.8200000.8200000.820000
SCO – Commerce ISD1.3092001.3598001.4432801.5393001.5610001.543600
CGR – City of Greenville0.5890000.6150000.6421620.6521620.6890000.699000
SGR – Greenville ISD1.1204811.1686811.2284811.2984811.3084811.309170
CHC – City of Hawk Cove0.6420381.3602491.5633911.7000001.4197651.427034
CLO – City of Lone Oak0.4763890.4796040.5119650.5353410.5502440.650000
SLO – Lone Oak ISD1.2220001.2068001.2492721.3100001.3000001.318950
CQL – City of Quinlan0.5000000.5290000.5500000.5440000.5600000.570000
SQL – Quinlan ISD1.0603001.0827001.1580001.2400001.2400001.240000
CUV – City of Union Valley0.0000000.0000000.0000000.0000000.0000000.000000
CWC – City of Wolfe City0.7100000.6385750.6700000.6300000.5345110.569183
SWC – Wolfe City ISD1.1447161.1437201.2322001.3440001.3440001.344000
CWT – City of West Tawakoni0.5103850.5485990.5592710.5700000.6098220.630000
GHT – Hunt County0.4283790.4670170.5085120.5118990.5124690.512469
HHO – Hunt Memorial Hospital0.2358310.2438150.2300000.2355700.2415800.242811
MDCM1 – Caddo Mills Municipal Management District #10.3400000.3400000.0000000.0000000.0000000.000000
MMP – Magnolia Pointe MUD District #11.0000001.0000001.0000001.0000000.0000000.000000
MV1 – Verandah MUD District0.8500000.8500000.8500000.8500000.8500000.850000
SCP – Cooper ISD1.1603001.2361001.2784001.4400001.4700001.490000
SCT – Community ISD1.4603001.4862001.5683501.6700001.6250001.625000
SCU – Cumby ISD1.4203001.1494001.1984001.3000001.2000001.300000
SFD – Fannindel ISD1.1218001.1281001.1484001.2600001.2600001.260000
CJO – City of Josephine0.5166970.5590790.5750000.5800000.5400000.580000
SLE – Leonard ISD0.9603000.9801001.0683501.1700001.2590601.266200
CRC – City of Royse City0.6215000.6215000.6215000.6215000.6215000.677100
SRC – Royse City ISD1.4603001.4648001.5683501.6700001.6700001.670000
STR – Terrell ISD1.3445001.3572001.4980501.5997001.5997001.599700
JTV – Trinity Valley Community College0.1360500.1385400.1385400.1385400.1385400.135670

Notice: Requests made after April 26, 2023 will be applicable for the 2024 tax year.

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Appraisal Information:

NOTICE: The Appraisal District is giving public notice of the capitalization rate to be used each year to appraise property receiving an exemption under Section 11.1825 of the Property Tax Code for Organizations Constructing or Rehabilitating Low-Income Housing: Property Not Previously Exempt. 2023 Low Income Housing Apartment Capitalization Rate: 6%-8%